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Vacation Slides from The Hollywood Liberal
Yosemite National Park: I never saw a red strip across the sky like that before, or since

If you ever get a chance to go to Yosemite, go. Its an awesome place

Taken right before the red stripe shot in Yosemite National Pk.

Winter is a great time to go to Yosemite, the place is empty you can check out the Vernal Falls, and Hech Heche in solitude

We climbed down these giant boulders right into the middle of a raging river, at the West entrance of Yosemite Park in California

Yosemite Valley, watch out for the coyotes

                       Yosemite Nat.Park Did you ever see trees growing out of Rock?                         Those trees are hundreds of feet high just one of the many wonders of Yosemite Park

County Line (The beach)

They call this beach Deer Creek, Even though there are no Deer, or any creek. They call it that because its where Deer Creek Rd. meets PCH, This is the Hollywood Liberals own private beach in that no one ever goes there, so shhh, don't tell anyone

This is the only one of the two that I didn't take, thats me about to eat it hard, on a 12 footer up at County Line in Ventura California

I uses a Nikonos V, underwater camera to take this on my boogeyboard, just before I dropped down the barrel of a wave Near Malibu Beach Ca.

Sunset at Ventura County line Just north of Malibu Ca.

H.L. checks out the action at a place The Beach Boys sang about in Surfin U.S.A. Ventura County Line Beach.

Using the Nikonos, about to get hammered again. Thats my fin on the bottom left County Line Beach Ventura co.


View from The outdoor bar at the House of Blues Foundation Room atop The Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas Nev. Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay, Those boys look hungry. And you thought the only sharks in Vegas were at the tables They got a big glass hallway that you can walk through at the Shark Reef, in Vegas at Mandalay Bay  and see all kinds of Sea life especially Killer Sharks The Strip. Las Vegas Nevada

San Francisco

Looking up Knob Hill in San Francisco Steep hills heading down the the Frisco Bay If your ever in San Fracisco, check out Reds Java Hut, Great Cheeseburgers, and cheap beers, right under the Bay Bridge The Transamerica Building, and the SF Skyline Lommbard St. and the whole view of San Francisco, and the Bay Tight turns on Lombard St. in Frisco

Big Sur

It gets cold and dark at night on the Rocky Peaks of Big Sir Big Sur Ca. One of the most spectacular places on earth Big Sur, about 20 miles south of Monterrey on US1 The Transamerica Building, and the SF Skyline Dramatic cliffs and Steep drops at Big Sur Take a ride on the S turns of US1, up to Big Sur Go up to Big Sur this weekend and see The Elephant Seals A big Elephant seal crawls up on the beach Near Big Sur California

Here and There

Disneys California Adventure. A company I used to work for had there Christmas party there. Its right next to Disneyland in Anahiem California Martin Sheen at The March against the War February 15, 2003. in Hollywood. Six Million People marched that day worldwide. We were laughed at by some, No ones laughing now. Its a Wolf, Its a Wolf Red Skys at night

Used a Nikkor 24mm wide angle to get the St. Louis Arch.
You can take a tram to the top of this thing and see the whole city of St. Louis from the top of the arch.